Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horse Cake

lemon pound cake

wedding cake

m&m cupcakes

topies turvie cake

this was a white cake, next time a little bigger on the roundness but her face and what not came out great!

more cupcakes

just in case there lego's!

turkey cookies

Caldwell's dartboard cake
next time i gota clean b4 the picture takeing!
this is my facebook page of goodies too!

lady bug cake I've made a
lot of these I loved them as a kid when my mom would make them

white cake with custard and strawberries.

gum ball cakes

First Birthday! Nova Lee

White cake 2007

So mayb you want a cake?

Chocolate, white, carrot with cream cheese frosting.... to name a few,
Birthday, wedding, baby shower, wedding shower, grandmas birthday, moms or dads birthday
or maybe cheesecake, chocolate covered pretzels, Cookies...Brownies....Mini Desserts
white cake with strawberry custard oh n the gum drops of course! 

This actually worked!

I made stuff shells the other day and didnt cook the shells first i just stuffed them first, put them in the pan and covered in sauce, with a little extra water from rising out the inside of the jar covered and baked. @ 350,  Add cheese last them brown, trust me it works better, less dishes! Also this works will for the lasagna making as well.

Bradleys baby Shower Lil' Junior

Next time i think ill try a different design for the sides of the top, the rest came out good i like  how the feet turned out!

back end

next time a little more support in the rear! lol

the post office ride

side view

This a post office truck, it was a retirement party 2007

Cakes I've made

this was a Baby shower cake I did for a family member. 2008

this was an fuji apple spice cake with cream cheese froasting