Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just in case u were wondering what it looked like in the negative picture, go no further here it is, its kinda of cool! the grapes glow! who woulda thought! 

A Lunch Surprise!

DSCI0356 a monster of a surprise lunch!  I was a little bored and needed to make lunch for my little man! Got thinking what I could do and heres what I did, turkey monster sandwich with grapes and gerkins pickels! He loved it, n said it was his best lunch surprise! A monster surprise, hes got all the lines down pat and now expects this everyday! lol well see!

oh soo

I ran all over looking for dough nut holes and no one had them! p&c were out, the gas staions none, then thinking dunkin doughnuts! thinking would have them n they did ! So excited until I got home and they were all HARD as ROCKS!!! so mad i took them back and got my $$$ n then had to search some more…. I found them 8 miles away! well not sure but it felt like a really long time! Next time I shall plan ahead a little better! lol

doughnut tree!

0130100936-02 this is a dough nut tree i made for my mom, she had a quilting class show thing and wanted something pretty n edible, so here we have it, I liked how it turned out, mayb a few more strawberries next time but all in all I came out nice!

Gluten Free Beef Stew & dumplings

DSCI0384 this came out pretty good I even used venison meat! the dumplings r gluten free not bad ive done this b4 n i used rice flour roux to thicken n i have found a herbal chicken n beef base bouillon cubes  there good too! even my people said they liked it!


so I need to look into the picture of the cup cakes, im not super good with computers> Oh and next week after a long trying to get together with my new student lol Im goin to her house next friday and goin to learn her how to cook?! Ill tryn n take pictures its goin to be chicken n biscuits and white chocolate chip macnut cookies>

Just changed the recipe

I have made the Italian cookies gluten free before, I used rice flour and corn starch, they we ok kind of gridy but tasted ok at least it was a cookie. I haven't re tryed them yet as i am stuck on making anything chocolate first! being my favorite, which reminds me I need to show all one of u people who read or see this, I made cupcakes almost like the hostess chocolate with the swirl on them.


The pinks ones are a black cherry, Yellow Lemon and these white ones almond flavored. the little flower shaped ones are sour cream sugar cookies. My daughter in home n queers class (as she calls it )made up the recipe in class and we tried it, they came out pretty well.

Italian Cookies


cookies! gluteness

not sure why i even make these kind of cookies any more cause even not eatin them makes my butt hurt! very unfair! :(


DSCI0391 Russian nut balls, ummm.. pecans and powdered sugar how could these not taste good!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

crispy bread I used the yellow boxed kind, at wegmans I cant remember the name right now, Any how it worked well for breading and i saved some for the next day and it was still on the crisp side! This gluten free thing is mayb gettin a little easyer! and  mayb taster!

Fried Fish Cod....

shortbread cookies

All i did to the recipe was change the flour, I added half cup coconut flour cup and a half of brown rice flour.
They seemed to come out really tasty!

Millionaire's Shortbread Bars Recipe With Picture - *Tested Recipe*

Millionaire's Shortbread Bars Recipe With Picture - *Tested Recipe*

hey anybody out there! i made these gluten free today they came out really good!