Tuesday, April 27, 2010

gluten free sugar cookies, they were yummy!
dinner one night kilebise sweet n sour over rice
this was a angel food cake i made for my momit had mango pinapple filling with a whip cream topping and i made the flowers
gluten free cake mix yellow cake was really good! then i added more flour to the mix (rice flour)and made half moons and they came out really good too, just the first day, but good. and i cheated n used the store bought frosting
heres some other gluten free sugar cookies I made. for st pattys day
hi every body not out there! lol Im goin gto try n do the contest for the cream cheese, well see what happens so here is some of the things i entered first off a veggie bake. Veggies with a cream cheese chedder sauce. Very good, super creamy and you can do it aall gluten free and dairy I just changed the flours and the dairy works really well.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

pork n rice sweet n sour!! pretty good even the kids liked it!
these are gf green shamrock cookies I made they tasted good! even though they get a little crumblely